~ Aloha ~

Thank you very much for your interest in joining us in our HoliDay-Community

We are a vegan family from Germany with our almost 6 year old son
we traveled on this beautiful planet since more than 7 years
We living conscious parenting & natural learning

We are already since one year in Mexico
and since 6 month at the beautiful sweet-water lagoon of Bacalar
with it's turquoise colors & crystal clear water

Here we want to invite you to enjoy life with other like-minded families
with Daily Holistic Activities & Prepared Exploration Spaces for the whole family
delicious Healthy Vegan Buffet
in a Children Friendly Natural Environment

We stay in bungalows with private bathrooms
in a quiet and natural place at the lagoon
with lots of space to play, run, explore & swim

The prepared exploration spaces can be used any time
we have big meadow's, a soccer field, a volleyball field,
trees to climb, a construction play area, space for painting & handicrafts,
a pier to jump into the crystal clear water & natural shore for the younger ones,
slackline, juggling & hulahoops, kayaks & sailing boat to explore the lagoon

In the daily holistic activities we play, explore, learn and share activities for the whole family
for body mind, spirit & soul
like dancing, yoga, singing, painting, acrobatics, handicrafts,
juggling, hulahoop, hackysack, pois, soccer, volleyball, frisbee, boccia,
contact improvisation, water-massage, sailing, kayaking, meditation,
solar-gazing, qigong, body-shaping, water-dance, instrument & voice improvisation,
parkour, dream-life coaching, bonfires and many more..

Everybody is welcome to share their skills
or explore & practice their interests with others

And there is plenty of time to relax in a hammock under the trees

We will share our vegan recipes
to prepare with additional helpers daily healthy & delicious vegan buffet's
for breakfast, lunch & dinner with many ripe fruits

Sometimes we also do excursions to other interesting places & projects
to play, learn & explore

A typical day at our HoliDay-Community..
* Starting the day with a morning activation,
like solar-gazing, meditation, yoga & fitness
* Vegan breakfast buffet with many fruits
* Sharing Circle
* Activities for body & mind
* Vegan lunch buffet
* Activities for creativity & learning
* Vegan dinner buffet
* Closing the day with a activity for us soul,
like bonfire, singing, swimming under the stars or full moon etc.



What's inclusive..
* Accommodation in a bungalows with private bathroom
* Daily 3 vegan buffet's (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
* Daily activities
* Exploration spaces + materials
* External artists & teachers

The monthly all-inclusive-price for a family with up to 3 members are
$ 2.222
Additional children of 4 years and older are
$ 222 per child

The weekly all-inclusive-price for a family with up to 3 members are
$ 888
Additional children of 4 years and older are
$ 55 per child

We have 8 bungalows with private bathroom on availability


How to get here:

The nearest airport is Chetumal International Airport (CTM),
which is 30 minutes from here.
This Airport has also connection flights from Mexico City International Airport (MEX)

Another option is Cancun International Airport (CUN)
which is a 4 to 5 hours bus ride to Bacalar + 20 minutes by taxi



From now on till at least March 2020 here in Mexico
at the lagoon of bacalar
..The HoliDay-Community will continue around the year
on another location, which we will announce


How to join:

To request a participation please write us..
* The dates you want to come?
* How many adults + the age of your children?

You can reach us on the following ways:
* Facebook-messenge on my profile
* WhatsApp:
+52 998 382 7734 (Joia)
+52 894 269 8214 (Joy)
* Email: contact@JoyfulFamily.Love

The HoliDay-Community is vegan, pet-free, alcohol-free & smoke-free

If you have any questions or suggestions
please feel free to contact us:
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Thank you


~ Namaste ~