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Thank you for your interest in the
JoyfulFamily.Love Vegan Tropical Spiritual Community
for blissful, loving, holistic, conscious, mindful, spiritual living
Learning & sharing with all ages in a children centered prepared environments

We are 100% vegan in all materials & food we focus on love & non-violence in thoughts, speech, behavior and materials (also books, videos & music etc.).

This community is in the stage of finding the right place, we have already many potential community members, mostly families.
We will live within walking distance to a beautiful, children friendly, crystal-clear water family-beach

A tropical climate offers an amazingly diverse nature, a great variety of delicious ripe fruits all year around

Please contact us if you want to join us to find the perfect place to create this community in a beautiful paradise

We live our JoyfulFamily-lifestyle..
We hug each other.
We play together with the children,
and support them if they want to know or learn something
(natural-learning & homeschooling).
We integrate children in all aspects of our life,
and treat them with the same respect as we treat adults.
We do painting & drawing.
We do handicrafts with clay, wood, paper etc.
We do land-art.
We sing spiritual songs.
We practice yoga.

We meditate.
We do energy work (ChiFlow).
We do free-dance
(5-rhythms & ecstatic dance with instrumental music).
We do contact improvisation dance.
We practice bachata & other partner dances.
We enjoy acrobatics, juggling, hulahoop, pois & slackline.
We play soccer & beach-volleyball.
We like running & jogging.
We consciously shape our body with fitness exercises.
We swim & snorkel in the ocean.
We do water-floating (Watsu).
We enjoy the beach & play in the sand.
We watch the sunsets.
We do solar-gazing.
We sit together at bonfire's.
We plant organically-structured in permaculture-way.
We eat 100% vegan to not interfere or harm animals.
We get stimulated through our doing without substances.
We are mindful about our thoughts, speech & expressions,
and always try to focus on the positive,
to manifest what we really like.
We practice self-development & life-optimization,
we are thankful about any feedback, reflection & criticism.
We encourage & support each other.
We offer community holidays & retreats,
as will as personal-fitness-training & holistic-life-coaching.

The daily life in the JoyfulFamily community can look something like this..
in the morning after waking up we meet at the community center or at the beach,
hugging each other, making a circle and a meditation, a sharing,
some exercises, going swimming, enjoying the beach..
eating a delicious fruit breakfast at the community center
and enjoying the day with learning & sharing, creativity & joy,
after lunch going to play at the beach,
after dinner enjoy the sunset with a nice bonfire and circle songs.. good night hugs

..everybody can initiate activities, as long as they follow the community guidelines,
and everybody can structure his day individually, but there should be a sense of community life.

Living here is very comfortable and sustainable,
the weather is warm all year round
with only a few degree different between summer & winter,
so here is no heating or cooling or long-clothing necessary,
and it rains very equal all year around.

Around 95% of our food comes from local farms and we try to get as much as possible from neighbors & friends.
Our aim is to grow all we need our own -
which we can achieve as soon as we have our own land.
Everywhere are growing coconut palms, mango, bananas trees
and many other local fruits.
We use the crystal-clear sea-water to salt our food.

We need only bicycles, as everything here is in walking distance.
The streets are so quiet that we can walk even on the main road,
and children can drive everywhere with their bicycles and scooters.
The locals here have african roots mixed some spanish influence,
they speak spanish and are friendly, helpful & connective.
They practice a catholic-caribbean religion
The local language is Spanish.

The JoyfulFamily, Joy & Joia with their son Sam (4 years),
where traveling for more than 2,5 years around this beautiful planet to find their paradise..
they finally found a beautiful beach in Las Galeras on the Dominican Republic, which was the first place in which they feel home, but we still want to see a few places which are in our list for potential paradises
They long to live together with like-minded souls to share their JoyfulFamily lifestyle,
and invite you to be a part of it.
You are lovely welcome to share our paradise discovering journey

As soon as we found a perfect Paradise will be the next step is to buy a community-land
and build our organicly structured buildings,
which we already designed,
for that we need to get fundings
from community members, investors and donations.

Here are our Community-Values & Guidelines:
* This community is 100% vegan
(in materials & food).
* We normally eat together and bless our food before
* Children are a integrated part in our daily life,
and we treat them as respectfully as the adults .
* Children are welcome to participate in all activities, events & workshops
* We focus on non-violent loving mindful communication.
* This is a loving, mindful, harmonious, non-violent & non-aggression space
(in thoughts/gesture/speech/music/songs-lyrics/videos/movies/books/games etc.).
* We don't use substances which have a strong negative influence on mood or perception or health like
alcohol, tabacco, electric-cigarettes, marihuana, psychedelics etc.
(exceptions in ceremonies are possible ..max. once a month)
* We speak about our feelings & needs with the aim to clear it
(non-violent communication).
* We are open for any criticism (feedback) and thankful for this reflection to improve ourselves.
* Every dispute between people has to been cleared and forgiven (Ho'oponopono)

* Membership policies
* Decision making process (Soziocracy > final decision by the founders)
* Finance

..if you feel resonance with our community
and want to experience our JoyfulFamily paradise-lifestyle,
you are warmly welcome to visit us any time and maybe even stay : )

Till now we are renting the houses we are living in,
as we don't have the finances to buy our own land yet.
If you are interested in investing in our community, please get in contact with us.

For donations you can use this link:

Please help us grow ..there are several ways to support us:
* Tell your friends and others who may are interested in us:
* Share our Facebook-post on your Facebook-timeline,
Facebook-groups and other sozial-medias.
Or post about us in your way: https://JoyfulFamily.Love
* Help us to upgrade our website with your webdesign skills
* Financially support us - even a small amount is helpful:
..please contact us for other possibilities

Please write us if you have any question or suggestion!

Thank you very much

Your JoyfulFamily Raw&Vegan LoveTribe Community


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