~ Aloha ~

Lovely welcome in the JoyfulFamily

we are Joy and Joia and our Love son Sam

here we are living in our manifested paradise
on the tropical island of the Dominican Republic in the caribbean

in walking distance to a picturesque crystal clear water family-beach
in the remote and cozy village of Las Galeras
surrounded by nature
on the end of the road of the lush peninsula Samana
with fresh air coming directly from the ocean

We where traveling for many years around this beautiful planet
to find our paradise
always traveling with the flow
following our heart and intuition
..we finally arrived :)

Now we are ready to share
what we have learned and practiced in our JoyfulFamily-lifestyle

We want to invite you to come
to our holistic conscious vegan programs and retreats

Living here is very comfortable and sustainable
the weather is comfortable warm all year round
with an always clear sky with some clouds here and there

Here is no heating or long clothing necessary
nearly all of our food products come from the island
Everywhere are growing coconut trees, mango trees and bananas
as well as other fruits and vegetables

We used to sea-water to salt our food

We need only bicycles here
because everything is in walking distance

The streets are so quiet
that we can walk even on the main road
and Sam can drive everywhere with his bicycle or scooter

The locals are friendly and connective

.. If you also want to experience our paradise-lifestyle
you are warmly welcome to one of our events and retreats : )

Our future plan is to establish a holistic conscious vegan community here

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~ Namaste ~