J o y f u l F a m i l y . L o v e

~ Aloha ~

Hello, we are Joy & Joia & Sam, a blissful vegan-living family :-)

We are creative, active, intuitive, meditative, spiritual and sensual,
dancing, singing, playing, laughing and loving.

We love to be in a warm climate all year around,
to enjoy the nature, the sun, picturesque fine sand beaches with crystal clear water,
big varieties of fruits, and like minded people with similar hobbies and lifestyle..

That's why we are traveling on our wonderful planet to interesting places
always following our heart, to find places which we call our homes.

On this magical journey beyond time and space, we explore life in all its aspects,
..to learn to live as human as possible - as it supposed to be !

Since we are here on earth we explore and analyze ourselves, our surroundings,
the systems of the various societies, and life as a whole.

We found that after the basic needs of breathing, sleeping, drinking and eating,
all humans long for love, bliss and joyful feelings
that is what moves all our doing
This is only lasting if we get it with a holistic, healthy lifestyle !

All our experience about this we like to share with you
on our website, sozial medias and especially at our privat coaching.

~ You are a soul, experiencing in your temporary body the human life on earth ~

~ Love, the singularity, let everything else in this duality emerge ~

We are experiencing the magic of life every day ..is it the time synchronicities when we look at the time, the manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs and wishes

Steadily we where improvising our daily lifestyle and our surrounding,
so we developed our optimized holistic daily program
which you can experience soon..

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~ Namaste ~